Upgrade path – it is so strongly embeded in the very core of audiophile lifestyle. Audiophilia is as much about constant upgrade, step by step improvements, as it is about the music itself.

Whereas solid state products are almost impossible to tweak or improve internally, the tube world of audio equipment is all about tube rolling and other changes.

We are trying to meet the demand of audiophile community for making their existing equipment better.

The path of tweaking a stereo system with a tube amplifier (or DAC) can include the following steps:

1. Tube improvement of quality within the same type (like 300B to a different 300B)
2. Tube improvement from one type to a similar but better type (like 300B to 520)
3. Capacitor upgrade in the signal path – between input tube and driver or driver to power tube. Or both of course.
4. Adding a choke to the power supply – a 5H choke in the main power section as a first series part after the first capacitor or the same – with a 30H choke in the small tube power section.
5. Upgrade of rectifier tube to a better one (like 274B to a mesh 274B) or to a better type (like 274B to 5U4G)
6. Upgrade of the output transformer (for advanced DIY’ers) to a better one – preferably with better and bigger core.
7. Addition of vibration control feet to the amp (like rollerball type) because the tubes are very prone to vibrations and “microphonic” and also adding the silicon rings to dampen the glass surface.
8. Addition of better cables to the amp: Power cable, Speaker cable, (add bi or tri wiring) Interconnect cable
9. Addition of better terminals: RCA, XLR and speaker.
10. Adding an audiophile grade fuse (of correct rating of course)
11. Replacing the carbon potentiometer (no matter how good) with a stepped resistor ladder switch.

You can find most of these improvements in our shop. We also offer a (limited in scope) advice how to use them.

To inspire you we found some interesting DIY sites with schematics and project description. We also list known 300B amps and brands, focusing on the inexpensive gems.

We hope you find exactly what you need. If you have suggestions for other things that we should carry – please contact us.

If in doubt – please ask.