Changing tubes can be very exciting and can be very frustrating. Depends who you ask. Depends who you are dealing with. Our site is dedicated to our mission: ​ “Make tube change a pleasant upgrade”. Say you have a new amp with the cheapest tubes that they could possibly find. You wonder – if the music is so good, how would it sound on semi decent tubes? How about the BEST tubes? Say you have an amp that has already 3-5 years on the clock and the tubes are loosing the battle already. You have to go into trouble of finding replacement pair or quad. Seek educated advice. Risk shipping from a Faraway Country and pay duties. You don’t even know what you are getting and it is NOT CHEAP AT ALL. Especially if one tube is bad on arrival. Say it’s gonna cost you 400 Euro a pair of unknown tubes from faraway country. Would’t you rather talk to a friendly Best300B.com manager and get a pair of superb, world’s best triodes for 700 Euro and get a 5 years warranty AND on top of that upgrade from “normal” 300B to super hot rodded XL version? And instead of anything between 6 months to 3 years life expectancy get solid 5 to 10 years? We would. Say you want the tubes from China, which all look great and all are “almost” like Western Electric. They all have colourful packing and rave “reviews”. Wouldn’t you rather buy a pair from someone who buys several hundred pairs a year and has tried them ALL and selected the gems and cherry-picked the line for you? We would. Say you always planned to upgrade your amp to a more powerful and better “turbo 300B” type of tubes like EML520, but you are concerned with anode voltage, transformer overheat, filiament current, heat dissipation and cap ratings. Wouldn’t you enjoy friendly expert advice from someone who serviced tube amps for living and builds them for custom orders? Thats us. Welcome to the world of Best300B.